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                The trees in this wood were peculiar, seeming to curve on an angle of their own accord. If Kanaya were in better spirits, she’d consider the peculiar formation intriguing and entertaining. As it was though, considering she’d been among such trees for days now, it seemed as though they were bending down over her and laughing. Laughing at her plight of course, a stupid desert dweller lost in the woods. One would figure diverse vegetation would contrast with the sameness of a desert enough to make navigation easier. To an extent this bodes true, but for Kanaya, it seemed as though turning around each tree and shrub only guided her further on a path to nowhere but deeper within. It was dark as well, of course. Unsettling, especially at night. The rainbow drinker’s natural gifts were useful when the sun went down, but even in the day the canopies were so thick little light came down to guide her way. Sunlight, warm and familiar, barely caressed her face in the tiny openings it found and slipped through.

                As well as laughing at her, the trees did will to conceal the fact that sunlight existed, and Kanaya coveted it; needed it; wanted it, and the forest distinctly kept it out of her reach. At least let me have that, she thought, lamenting the lack of essentially everything else since arriving. A week or two ago (she’d lost count in the meantime) the Jadeblood appeared in the woods. She just appeared, with no memory of how she found herself there or any other defining events to remind her. By instinct there was an attempt made to navigate the dark forest, but Kanaya had nothing with her. Few animals wandered along with her, the only ones seen at a great distance and vanishing if even a step is taken in their direction. Loneliness did not bother her much; a partner might slow her down.

                A partner might provide blood.

                She immediately shoves the thought aside, but allows it to return if only for the indulgence such an idea brings. In truth, the troll felt as though she was starving. Blood primarily, as each day went by without it her body grew progressively weaker. Truly though, she wouldn’t complain about any sort of sustenance, as Kanaya was one of the apparent few of her kind essentially able to ingest most solids. She wasn’t thin by any means because of this, as in all actuality there was no need for her to have anything but blood…

                But over a week with nothing of the sort did not wear easily. Even as sturdy as she was, the troll was far from pique condition: she weakened, lost weight, could scarcely focus on the “trail” before her. It was maddening, and her exhaustion further fueled the frustrated malice like coal in a dying furnace.  Kanaya turned and stepped over another set of gnarled roots, nearly tripped. Her skirt was snagged on a particularly stubborn and pointed tip of the root, and with some struggling tore a not so lovely hole in the bright fabric; one of quite a few in the course of her trek. It bothered the Jadeblood, through both inconvenience and the fact she was very fond of this skirt, but she’s more pressing matters to attend to. Like getting out of here, for one.

                In fact, Kanaya was so used to this task that if she were not looking down at precisely that moment, she would not have noticed the bright and slightly round morsel right at her feet among a small pile of leaves. The rainbow drinker blinks down at it. The thing was so out of place in the foliage, a small lump of yellow that smelled faintly of sugar upon having it picked up and smelled. So unused to the smell she feels her mouth water out of sheer reflex, but swallows both the accumulating saliva and the desire to eat this thing. It was on the ground, for crying out loud. How disgusting. But it’s very peculiar, and it implies that someone – or something—had to leave it behind. Intrigued, Kanaya looks to and fro. There, another gumdrop like the first. Round and red, and upon closer examination it is part of a trail sporting more gumdrops, leading in one direction. She stares at the yellow one in her fingers, and there’s barely a moment that is considered before she decides to follow it. Nothing natural could leave such things in a straight line! Someone was at the other end of it, she knew for certain.

                And so Kanaya followed the trail, her eyes glowing with exuberance fueled by an inner renewal she hoped was not all for naught. Finally something to follow, maybe someone who can help, she hoped. The trail was not excessively long, but she walked along the colorful candies until they came upon a clearing. Her sensitive nose is hit by a smell, as though the sugar of the trail were amplified and multiplied to a degree that felt so out of place in the dreariness. She turned the tree blocking her path and into the clearing, and there stood a house. A human house, not a hive. Such a thing wouldn’t be quite as strange, but what had Kanaya rubbing her eyes in shock was what it was made of – literally gingerbread and candy, making up the structure and decorations of the house. It was fully sized, easily able to accommodate people.

                But why?

                Something new, something different, something edible, was what Kanaya reasoned. She considered her actions. Perhaps she’d knock upon the door, ask politely for directions and perhaps temporary accommodations just so she can get back on her feet once more. That’d be the polite thing to do. But over a week wandering in the wood did well to smother Kanaya’s natural inclination toward immediate politeness. She had to know if the gingerbread was real, at least.

                It doesn’t take long for her to cross the clearing, the smell of gingerbread and frosting like a dream to her nostrils. Not as good as other things of course, but after absolutely nothing for so long the Jadeblood didn’t want to blink, or breathe in too hard, just in case this was a mirage and it would vanish in a second. The house stands arm’s length away now, the rainbow drinker standing before one of its side walls. She reaches, long talons digging in to the sweet smelling side of the house. It’s sturdy, but still crumbles away in her hand. After one careful nibble does she realize that it is real, and that it is edible. Kanaya stuffs down the edible piece, and almost immediately follows it up with another. The action of tearing off another piece is easier with the hole already there, and it doesn’t occur to her that at this point she really should be politely knocking on the candy laden door, not consuming part of the structure’s wall. But for the moment it’s out of her mind, that hole on the wall’s surface getting steadily bigger and bigger as she just relishes in the fact that there is a bit of sustenance. Blood would be more preferable, but one doesn’t look a gift hoofbeast in the mouth.

                She’s startled when the door’s knob, just within view, turns. Kanaya swallows both her grunt of surprise and the latest chunk of chewed gingerbread, smelling an even more intense plethora of scents – all eluding to variants of baked goods— coming from its opening. A figure peeks out, shrouded by a tall pointed hat and a robe of gorgeous purple and golden velvet.

                “My apologies,” Kanaya spoke immediately, “your residence was merely such a surprise in the din of these woods my first instinct was to investigate. And… subsequently consume a part of it. I apologize for that too.” It’s hastily worded, and the figure steps fully out of the house, looking up, and purple eyes flash.

                A most familiar face greets the rainbow drinker, and Kanaya sputters out the name –“Rose?”—with more than a little incredulousness. Rose, as it was truly her friend, smiled in a way that was not quite as familiar. Everything else was alike, the face, the stature, only the gimmicky outfit and mannerisms was different than what Kanaya knew.

                “It can be forgiven. If your first urge was to rip chunks out of my wall and eat them, there had to be a reason. Come inside, love; I’m sure you’re starving.” Even the voice is precisely the same, making the Jadeblood hesitate. But before she can ask any further questions, Rose beckoned her within, and vanished inside the strange house.

                Well, Kanaya was right in that the trail of gumdrops led to someone. She looked up at the dim light, realizing that night would befall the forest soon. In the same instant her eyes turned to the slight curve of her stomach, and it yowls in protest to its vacancy. The best choice was obviously to go along with Rose, as strange as she was, at least for a night or so. If the smells were anything to go by, food was obviously going to be provided. With little more prompting than that, Kanaya follows suit and steps over the threshold and ducks within.

                To her surprise, the inside is deceivingly spacious compared to how the walls appear outside. She’s greeted instantly to a living room, wide and long and laden with couches laden with overstuffed cushions lining the walls. A few chairs were spread throughout and coffee tables, looking like an easy place for a group to congregate cozily. Kanaya seemed particularly interested in a huge recliner sitting just before a fireplace just infront of it, lit and burning with a glow that instantly relaxes her frayed nerves. The house was two stories from the outside, and a stair case goes upwards on one side of the living room; right in front of Kanaya a hallway opens up to what she assumes to be the nutrition block. That is where most of the smells are coming from, as well as commotion.

                Standing awkwardly in the doorway still, she watches as Rose exits the kitchen with a big tray held in her arms and a bundle tucked in one. There is a pleasant smile on her face, a touch of what looks like eagerness veiled beneath the apparently welcoming demeanor. She’s careful not to reveal too much of her emotions from Kanaya’s perspective, much like Rose herself as she’s familiar.

                “Welcome, Kanaya,” she almost croons, beckoning her guest over with merely her eyes. Kanaya awkwardly steps a little closer, ears perking at her name. “I’m sure you wouldn’t object to a nice change of clothes before your meal is prepared. You look positively exhausted, and quite uncomfortable to boot.”

                “Where are we? What happened? The question is directed as you as well as myself, for the record. This is very nice, but where did you have time to—“ Kanaya’s cut off with the bundle being pushed into her arms, after Rose sets the tray on one of the coffee tables.

                “Shh. You may change in the room right over there. I will set up your seat, get the fire going a smidgen hotter --  you are fond of the heat, yes? – and see to your dinner,” her host replies. No questions answered or acknowledged. Kanaya glowers down at the ridiculous hat and robes. She acquiesces however, and ducks into the nearest door to a rather small guest bedroom right beside the entrance to change. The change of clothes in question is a pair of silk pajamas, golden like the sun and secured with pretty silver buttons all down her front. The material is luxurious as it’s pulled on her bare skin, and Kanaya decides that, for the moment, questions should be put off. Rest, eat, maybe have a conversation or two…

                When she walks out Rose is waiting. Or rather, waiting while dressing up the huge recliner to be an impromptu nest of pillows and blankets. She is precise  and intricate, seeming to know exactly where to place each pillow for maximum comfort. When she notices Kanaya, she pulls her along and sets her into the chair, and the Jadeblood finds upon contact that perhaps there was some intricate art into assembling the pillows in the way they were, and even if she’s practically pushed ontop of it the effects are instant. Legs propped up, a tray is brought before her, a rather hefty serving of at least half a roast chicken and a veritable mountain of mashed potatoes crowding the dish right next to it. Rose seems to be settling something else on a small table at Kanaya’s side, another tray laden with a pile of steaming chocolate cookies, each one larger than she’d ever seen individually.

                “Um, this is extremely generous, Rose. Really,” Kanaya stammers a bit, a little taken aback. “It isn’t a strain on your resources, I hope?” She figured little could be cultivated in the middle of the woods.

                Her hostess merely grins, a very cat-like expression. “Not at all. Nothing is ever a strain, especially when you are mere skin and bones. Please do eat your dinner before it gets cold.” The last part is probably part of a joke, it was so warm within despite the chill of the night the food couldn’t possibly get cold after a few words.

                Kanaya needed little more prompting. She digs into the meat, cutting free succulent chunks and cramming them down her maw, manners temporarily forgotten. She’s still relatively neat of course, but it’s clear how ravenous she’s become in her wandering solitude. Over the rim of her meal, the troll notices Rose watching her intently, but not unkindly. It’s only registered in the back of her mind, as she seemed concerned with getting as much food into her as possible and with a degree of swiftness. Normally she would not gorge herself to such a degree, and she realizes that the woman in purple velvet is pleased to see the generous meal scraped up so easily. After so long with nothing, the food forms a warm and pleasant bulge of fullness in the troll’s middle, and she lays back when done in a mixture of panting and pleasant noises.

                “Oh, yes that was excellent. Incredible, words fall short of the gravity of my appreciation,” Kanaya explains to keep the conversation going, after essentially gorging herself for ten minutes straight. Rose approaches a little closer, her even present grin twisting into a smirk that was as warm as the house, the fireplace, the food filling the troll’s stomach. A pale hand rests on the smooth bulge beneath the yellow silk, rubbing in a peculiar but relaxing motion, and Rose brings up the apparently forgotten plate of cookies and sets it before Kanaya’s vision.

                “I assumed as such, given your exuberance. But here, a little extra. How thin you are worries me; when was your last truly good meal? Obviously not in a while,” she muses, continuing the quaint belly rub as she presents the cookies again.

                Automatically one is taken, the size of one cookie definitely exceeding the size of one of Kanaya’s hands, warm and slightly soft to the touch.

I have officially lost control of my life

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 26, 2012, 4:13 AM

I just pull an all nighter (about 5 p.m to 7 a.m next morning) roleplaying.

Lol why.

Oh well, it was fun

going to go pass out in a coma kthnxbai


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